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Studies show that people eventually conform to expectations and perceptions - both those of others, and those from the self. If I perceive myself as smart, I am more likely to think about decisions before I make them than if I think of myself as impulsive. If I think of someone else as smart, the subtle changes in my interactions with them will lead them to work harder to live up to that positive impression.

In an effort towards self-improvement, I want to expect good things of myself in hopes that this positive narrative will bolster efforts at positive action. At the same time, I don't want to have a grossly inaccurate view of myself. Highly inaccurate self-perception seems like a way to mislead others, and a way to get myself in far over my head on a regular basis.

Similarly, in an effort to evoke positive action from others, I'd like to perceive others as trustworthy and competent. Studies show that high regard from people one spends time with causes people to act more in accordance with that high regard. At the same time, having a much higher opinion of others than they objectively warrant would seem like it would lead to frequent massive disappointment. (Btw, this isn't regarding anyone in specific, more thinking about the general way I interact with others.)

How can I trick myself into thinking much better of myself and others in an effort to evoke and invoke positive characteristics, while avoiding the depth of inaccurate judgment that leads to disappointment and failure?
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