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People are dressing up at work tomorrow, and management has specifically asked my team to so they don't feel alone in their costumes. What should I wear?

I could wear the costume I just made, but I really don't want to explain 'self-transforming machine elf' to people at work. I could call it "being from another dimension." I dunno, it feels like it might be a little too weird for work.

Another choice is to go as a calavera, a Mexican Dia de los Muertos skeleton person. If I did that, I guess I'd just wear a big floofy dress and a skull mask, and maybe my pink Burning Man skeleton hat. Is that a cop out?

The real cop out costumes are gypsy or witch. Which is to say, normal clothes, though things I probably wouldn't wear to the office normally. Is "gypsy" an offensive costume now?

Bah. I am going to start making the three of us very good pirate costumes. Everyone needs a pirate costume, and it's simple and good to wear to work. Next year, piracy! This year... I dunno.

Advice welcome.

Edit: Because I know you're all dying to know, I went as a calavera. The machine elf costume is really amazingly awesome, but it just felt like opening too much of myself to work. I'm pretty open about who I am in general, but it felt ... vulnerable. I suppose it's worth considering why.
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